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You have heard the lines:

“Give your all to Jesus”
“Just surrender”
“Die to self”
“Let go and let God “

So often these come across as just platitudes — sometimes they even frustrate and madden us, in that they tell us what to do but not how to do it.

This seminar DVD takes these statements out of the world of clich├ęs and puts them into practical reality.

Dianna and Clarence discovered some practical tools that have transformed their lives. On the DVD series they share these tools, as well as some insightful Biblical principles involved in “trading places” with Christ.

As we learn to live these principles, we can daily experience Christ’s power and love instead of the limitations and failure of trying to tough it out on our own steam.


  1. The Agony and the Ecstasy (30min)picture_15
  2. The Most Deceptive Deception (30min)
  3. The Danger in Being Right (30min)
  4. True Confessions (30min)


  1. Word Power (30min)
  2. A Powerful Line (30min)
  3. How to Die Right (30min)
  4. How to Live and Tell About It (30min)

*Excellent for group study!

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This booklet is designed to be used with

DVD Disc 2.

If used in a small group setting, each member of the group should have a copy of the booklet. Extra booklets can be ordered separately for this purpose.

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