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  1. Floyd Hiebert Says:
    June 15, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    I must say this book is the only book that is a how to on dying to self. I enjoyed it so much I used it as a basis for my sermon I just gave this past week in Huntsville, AL ( which I mention on Facebook). The response was overwhelming! There were doctors and engineers and even phd’s in religion who were deeply affected. Several of them came afterward and told me they were going to purchase this book. After this my wife also picked up the book and said it is difficult to put it down. In fact yesterday, I got a call from an old friend of mine who had seen my facebook link of my sermon and listened to it and said he was going to purchase the book. He said he was blown away by the principles presented.

  2. Kay Cooksley Says:
    August 10, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    For the past several months we have enjoyed a small group study in the area of “Dieing to Self”. What a journey it has been. It is wonderful to have tools that allow you to respond to life with Christ at the helm. We are planning a weekend at our church in S. Oregon for Clarence & Dianna to come and share with our entire church family.
    The healing that takes place in a community of believers is so refreashing and am anxious for all of our church family to experience life in this way. I truely believe it to be a work that will prepare us to go HOME & to finish the work we have left to do .
    I would encourage you to look at what The Schilt’s share in book, DVD and Seminar- it changes lives for eternity!

  3. Ed Says:
    September 16, 2009 at 3:45 am

    Why are materials that are essential for Christianity sold at a profit? Why isn’t this book $5.00? Why isn’t the DVD set $5.00? Where do we draw the line between profit and the gospel? “Daddy, what must I do to be saved?” Well son, save up your money, and one day you can buy the answer to that question. What a fool Jesus was, to give away all that knowledge and healing. He could have made a mint. Talk about your inspirational speakers! These materials could as easily be given away via free downloads (mp4, pdf). The ministry could have been funded by donations, and through the sales of hardcopies. If you want to know my complete thoughts on this subject, send $15.00 today to…

  4. Carol Dunfield Says:
    November 9, 2009 at 5:33 am

    I cannot believe that this DVD has been out since 2005 and this is the first I’m hearing about it. My friend gave me the book which touched my heart. I purchased the DVD set and they along with the book confirmed my faith in the indicators of God’s presence in our lives – Gal 5:22&23 This (how to allow God the access) book and DVD and work booklet is just wonderful. I bought a second copy for loaning and will do the same with the DVD and booklets. This is a ministry that needs to be supported and I will joyfully do it. What is a small amount such as this compared to the printing costs and hours it took to prepare it. Or the price that Jesus paid to provide this great salvation.

  5. Username: Smrdth
    June 3, 2009

    I just want to share that this book, “A Life to Die For” has been a tremendous blessing for me. It has opened my eyes to how sneaky self is. I know I don’t understand it completely yet, but I pray that the Lord will continue opening my eyes to it.

    The psychiatric perspective was very interesting to me. Although I am a nurse, I have been learning more in the the psychiatric field in the last several years due to a family situation. I had become very disgruntled with modern psychiatry because nothing was working. I had noticed on my own that all of the psychiatric problems we were dealing with seemed to be centered on self.

    Three to four months ago our family member weaned off of medications because of the horrible feelings, stupor, etc that they caused. I thank the Lord that there have been no adverse effects as a result of getting off of the medications. In fact we are starting to see more and more of the former loving person we once had. However, I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in a might way to draw our loved one to Him and give the desire to surrender self and let Christ reign. What a battle. All I can do is pray and be an example myself.

    I want to thank the Schilts for all they have shared. This book has been such a blessing that I’ve been highly recommending it to many of my friends.

  6. Username: lifeworthliving
    April 28, 2009

    Speaking from first hand experience, I can attest to the powerful message and tools used in the seminar. Pastor Clarence and Diana present their seminar in a fun and easy to understand approach and make a great team. There seminars have changed my life from a point of crippling depression, anxiety, lack of finances, and marital strife to a life filled with purpose, physical and mental well being, stability of finances in one of the toughest economies, less fighting in my marriage, and more. I began to see results within weeks and three years later continue to reap the rewards. A point of full surrender brought me to my knees in tears and prayer with the power of the holy spirit inside. Three years later I now am sharing the blessings God has bestowed to me with others and continue to pay forward this message of a real life– a surrendered one. I highly recommend if given the opportunity to attend one of their seminars and in fact attend two as a later refresher course (I did) it will change your life!

  7. The DVD “How to Die Right and Live to Tell About it” was given to me by a couple who used to attend Clarence’s church– then I purchased “A Life to Die For.” I just praise the Lord for these publications and testimonies (Holy Spirit driven messages).

  8. Hey Clarence! It’s been a while since I’ve emailed you. Marlon Cliffe, whom I believe you’ve been in touch with about coming to Airdre some time soon, started his study group tonight with your DVDs and workbooks…sounds like there was a lot of people. I’m going to order a set through your web site and start a smaller group at my place too. We’re really looking forward to having you come up and finally meeting you. When are you coming, sometime in May I hear?
    Things are ok here. There’s a lot of people who are getting very excited about this book and I’m so glad to be a small part of that.

    We’ll keep in touch.


  9. I received the DVD set and was so disappointed because they were both defective. Has this happened to others? I tried cleaning them – #1 was better but #2 still hesitates and starts again all the way through. How do I go about getting a new set?

    we have your book in our church library and I have been pushing it; now there is a waiting list to take it out. It is so powerful and I have started to pray for your ministry.

  10. Thank you for your seminar at our campmeeting. The previous comments say why did’nt this information about dieing to self come out previously? The truth is that God gave this information about dieing to self back in 1888 at the General Conference of SDA. Young pastors, Jones and Waggoner presented this material about dieing to self and it was rejected by the majority present. If you do not believe my statements; see the second chapter of J.W. ” Bill” Lehman’s book, ” Christ Our Righteousness” and see if every Bible text presented then is not saturated with laying the glory of man’s self in the dust. There are four volumes written on the subject presented at the 1888 General Conference with much material from Ellen White. Currently another General Conference is in session at Atlanta; will this conference also reject the simple message of laying the glory of man’s self in the dust and fully accepting Christ Our Righteousness?
    Read for yourself:
    Christ Our Righteousness, by A.G. Daniells
    Christ Our Righteousness, by J.W. ” Bill ” Lehman
    The four volume set of 1888 General Conference materials published by the Ellen White Estate.
    Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has been trying to get this news into our hearts and minds for years; will we accept it today?

  11. Thank you for your seminar at our WV campmeeting. The Shilt’s book lists references several sources:
    The Arbinger Institute and two books which were available for purchase at the campmeeting:
    ” The Anatomy of Peace”
    ” Leadership & Self Deception”
    My research of these reference books carries a stong warning about them. In neither one do I find any mention of God.
    Leadership & Self Deception listed one of their book references as ” Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development” This institute was founded by Rev Dr Iyania Vanzant. Her website says that she brings ” her special brand of Self-empowerment and inspiration” which is part of the eastern and western spiritual/religious traditions with the power of unconditional love. The institute lists some of its motives as:
    Identifying and Clearing uncounscious or non-productive thought and behaviour patterns.
    Process of remembering and embracing their Divine Nature using ancient principles
    Her latest book is ” Tapping The Power Within” Here is what reports from the table of contents, Spirit, Breathing, Meditation, Ritual, Altars, etc.
    She says in the foreword that she is initiated as a YORUBA Priestess which comes from ancient African traditions and incorporates the ancestors, ” Mother” Spirit.
    The Bible clearly states death to self but it appears that these references are bringing in the mixing of human traditions of self-empowerment. This comes through the false ” Mother” Spirit instead of God’s Holy Spirit. God cannot bless the mixture of human tradition and Bible truth.
    I would warn everyone to avoid the references listed and be careful of mixing Bible truth with ancient traditions found everywhere in this world’s many religions. Satan would like the world to believe that all religions are going to be saved in heaven. This is the final self-deception of spiritualism upon the world. But… There is only one true God, one true Saviour, Jesus Christ, and one true Holy Spirit as clearly found in the Bible.

  12. This book seems to be a “How to Die to Self for Dummies”. It has been a perfect companion to “Finding the Father” by Herb Montgomery.

    Herb Montgomery has helped me to understand the character of God and the character of sin. “A Life to Die For” has helped to identify self, the principle of sin. Now for a second time through to digest what the message is.

  13. I couldn’t put the book down. Thank you for the honesty in sharing these stories. Very helpful. Maybe life changing.

  14. I praise God for this ministry (all praise belongs to Him). Moreover, I am ever so grateful that I listened to the Holy Spirit’s leading…and picked up this book. It is my deepest desire to share it with others. I pray God will continue to use your ministry to help others in their spiritual journey. I am humbled! May God be with you!

  15. Thank you Clarence and Steve for this inspiring book. I highly value the transformed perspective on dying to self and living for Christ.

  16. I love this message and would love to purchase a case of the books. Is it possible to have more books made? Is that happening? If not, is there something I can do to help make that happen?


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