Book: A Life To Die For

authorsThis book has been written from the unique perspectives of two brothers—one a pastor and the other a psychiatrist. From both personal and professional viewpoints, we address the bankruptcy of the widely held secular solutions to the question of how we should live while also noting the equally inadequate answers pro-
vided by today’s mainstream Christianity.

And now a little about ourselves.

Clarence: I have been a pastor for forty years in churches that range in size from less than a hundred people to membership in the thousands. Despite a rewarding ministry, I experienced signiicant struggles in learning to live the life of faith I preached—that is, until recently, when I was blessed with some profound insights. Recognizing and removing the barriers to my spiritual walk has radically changed my life. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity of presenting these discoveries in seminars held around the country. The strong positive response I’ve received inspired this book. While I am responsible for the spiritual conceptual framework of the book, my brother Steve has put it down in written form, including the chapters bearing my name.

Steve: I’ve been a practicing child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist over the past twenty-ive years, working in hospitals, military clinics, community mental health centers, and private practice. My life has been dominated by a secular, humanistic agenda that accorded spirituality little relevance. Only recently have I discovered the truths contained in Clarence’s message, but with this discovery I’ve come to a life of faith that would previously have been unthinkable. I welcome this opportunity to join Clarence in sharing with you our struggles and perspectives on pursuing this totally new life—a life to die for!

DVD Seminar: How To Die Right & Live To Tell About It

Clarence Schilt is a retired pastor and his wife, Dianna, is a retired church school teacher. clarence_dianna Clarence has been a faculty member in the School of Religion at Loma Linda University and pastored churches in Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Idaho and Oregon. He is widely known for books he has written and video training tapes on small group ministries, as well as his leadership in spiritual growth retreats. Clarence and Dianna have also led many retreats for marriage enrichment over the years. They are greatly appreciated for being deeply spiritual, yet very practical. Their presentations will do more to help you live a truly Christ-centered life than anything else you’ve experienced in a long time. Using Paul’s metaphor, their focus is on “how to die well” (to self) and center one’s life in Christ.